Matthews Mortuary Need/Grief Counseling

We understand how difficult it can be to lose a loved one. To help you with the grieving process, here is a collection of helpful articles from the funeral directors at Schwab Mortuary.  For additional help please refer to Local Counselors

Local Counselors

Grief Support Articles

1. Understanding Grief  

2. Grief, Loss and Resolution  

3. A Practical Checklist Upon the Death of a Loved One  

4. A Guide to Grief  

5. Discussing Grief with Children  

6. What Can I Say?  

7. Common Expressions of Children's Grief  

8. Valentine's Day – Sadness May Hide a Broken Heart  

9. A Death in the Family  

10. Anger  

11. If I Start Crying Will I Be Able to Stop?  

12. Tips For Handling the Holidays  

13. Ghosts of Christmas Past